Friday, April 30, 2010



I am sitting here in my childhood hometown (for those of you who do not know, Cedartown, GA, which I also refer to as God's Country.) I have been riding around with my older brother, John, looking at the old hangouts and talking of happy and poignant times in our memories. I am sure that my nephew, Chris, has been rolling his eyes at the two old folks in the front seat! We are here because our mother, Dot Hunt, is being honored by having a chapter of The Daughters of the King, a prayer and service organization in the Episcopal Church, named for her. We are humbled and proud of this honor to her. Some of you may be aware that the store's logo was drawn by her many years before the shop was born. She kindly shared it with me along with her many sewing and embroidering talents, and I proudly use it. Thank you , Mama.


Rose and I have just returned from Nashville where the 9600, our latest Elna Embroidery/Sewing Machine was released. Wow, what fun we had. Please come by to see all of the capabilities that it has for sewing. Of course it has Elna's exclusive stitches especially for heirloom sewing. It also embroiders, appliques, and has wonderful quilting programs with an extended arm length for those big quilt projects. We also brought back the newest version of our digitizer; you will be amazed at the ease in its use. For those of you who do not have an Elna, it will work with most other brands of embroidery machines.

We will have special pricing on all of our machines through MOTHER'S DAY, so come see not only our new baby, but all of our other wonderful machines. Pick yours out and get special pricing; we will even gift wrap it and call your Honey to remind him to pick it up!

Happy Mother's Day from all of us.


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