Tuesday, April 5, 2011


***Let me preface this post with I don't HOW it's going to LOOK! Blogger is doing crazy things, or maybe it's the user! I hope it's understandable! Some really fun and fresh fabrics are in the shop right now and these are a few of the combinations we put together yesterday. The bubble fish aren't new for us but this color combo is...LOVE the orange, yellow, blue, and seafoam! Yes, that is pima seafoam gingham! It's been missing for a while and a favorite of mine! PERFECT for a baby boy or girl! The FIRST picture features a Riley Blake trio with pink and turquoise pima checks, and turquoise and red piques. These are GORGEOUS!!!!

The last floral picture is my personal favorite....so fresh! It's a sweet a aqua and lime swirl flower with the lime pique and aqua pima gingham check.

These are some patterns I thought of for outfits with the above fabrics: Children's Corner Macy, Ellen, Isabella; Bonnie Blue Riley, new Summer Irene (cute...ruffles on hiney!); Maja's Sophie, Larkin

Now, for some little guys! We have campers and two different cute little car/auto prints. The latter two are small scale prints and can be used for tiny fellows, too. All are perfect for shorts or rompers. The shop has several other boy prints, as well as many checks which I LOVE for little boys! If you're making shorts, be sure to check out our top quality line of tees to match.

Boy patterns to use: shorts-Maja's Felix; Children's Corner Jackson; Rompers- my favorites- Maja's Donald; Children's Corner Johnny

Don't ever hesitate to call the shop to ask about our current selection of fabrics and patterns!

Happy Sewing!!!