Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mary's Helpful Hints

Have you ever made a mistake in your smocking and found it after you have tied off that row and moved on to another row before you caught it?

Here's the solution: Turn the work upside down and carefully cut the knot from the incorrect row, and even more carefully pull out the stitches past the mistake until you have enough thread to tie off that row. Replace the corrected stitches with a new thread, connecting to the existing row. Always join a new thread at a cable so that the knots will not show. If you have already removed the gathering threads before you are able to correct the mistake, you can follow the placement by putting in the new stitch as you remove one old stitch.

Thank you so much for the great reception for our blog. Your response has been overwhelming, and we are grateful to each of you for your support of the shop and your caring through the years. I feel as if you are a part of my family.


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