Monday, February 22, 2010

Mary's Helpful Hints

Even though it is a rainy day, we are beginning to think of spring. I saw red bud trees blooming as I drove through the garden district the other day. I have always felt that they are a sign that spring is around the corner.

Soon we will be pulling out spring clothes, trying them on our children, and seeing what fits, what can be passed down, what needs mending, and what can be recycled. But what about those stains that were not there last year? MYSTERY SPOTS! They were not there when I put them away!Never fear, most stains can be removed without the use of scissors to cut them out!

My favorite products for presoaking and cleaning are:

SODIUM PERBORATE, a natural oxidizer, will remove stains from baby clothes (what is that yellow stain around the neck?), food stains, mystery stains, etc. . Use as a presoak.

BRITE WHITE, a gentle laundry agent that is safe for all fabrics. It is gentle enough for delicates and strong enough for all laundry. It can can also be used as a presoak and a spot remover. Just spot the stain directly and let sit a couple of hours, and then wash in BRITE WHITE. You will be amazed!

Where can you get these? Does this sound like an infomercial? Of course you can get both of these at THE SMOCK SHOPPE!

Tell us about the stain you removed with these two products!

Stop and smell the flowers!


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