Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New from Market

Trisha's Treasures "Exchange Dress" pattern redrafting project guide is one of most anticipated patterns! It will go quickly! (You need Children's Corner Lucy for this also.)

We have been waiting for the reprinting of Lyn Weeks'"Frannie" and "Frannie's Big Sister." This dress has the sweetest yoke....a beautiful design for Easter!

Summertime Baby: This is a darling shadow work, embroidery, and baby sewing book!

The two fabrics above are LAMINATES!!!! They should be arriving soon! We are very excited...can't wait to create rain jackets for our little girls and boys!

All of the fabrics below have already arrived and are GORGEOUS! Each are 60" wide. We have other fabrics will be arriving soon that were also ordered at market.

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