Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Twirl Skirt and Seasonal Fabrics

Here's the cute Sew Sensible Twirl Skirt pattern that I posted a couple of weeks ago:

I used two precious Riley Blake fabrics. When I chose these fabrics to make the sample for the shop, we had plenty of each. Unfortunately, we are don't either now......this a wonderful example of why you should buy it when you see it! Basics (ginghams, solid twills, batiste, fairy fabric) are easily restocked but prints like these are generally seasonal pieces and limited in their availability. Of course, everyone wants these now that this sample is hanging in the shop! We've called and can't get anymore.

Another good example of getting it when you see it in the shop: I friend sent me a message today about a bishop kit she saw that Sally had done. It sold yesterday!

Don't forget about The Handmade Dress Trunk Show; it will only be here a couple of more days. Also for more Sew Sensible patterns....precious tops!

See you soon and happy sewing!

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Anonymous said...

I have tried a shirring project and my rows did not gather as much as the example showed they would. I tried the elastic zigzag and several other stitch adjustments. I also steamed the rows as the instructions directed, but the rows did not gather very much. If I pull the elastic like a gathering thread it works fine. Any suggestions?