Wednesday, January 13, 2010



Beginning Smocking: Thursdays, Jan.21, 28, Feb. 4, 6:30-8:30 p.m. $45.00

Pants Construction: Thursday, February 11,
10:00-2:00, $30.00

Applique: Saturday, February 20, 10:00-1:00, $30.00

Picture Smocking (Stacking): Saturday, March 6, 10:00-2:00, $30.00

Please call the shop (334-793-8233) for more information and to sign up. Classes fill up!

We hope you're enjoying the blog. If you or your friends have one, please feel free to mention us!
Thanks and happy sewing and smocking!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I mentioned how busy I am, and might not get to the blog right away? Well, it took me less than twenty four hours to check out the blog! I love it! I will call and register for the March 6 stacking class.
Thanks, Andrea

Anonymous said...

I have tried a shirring project and am having difficulty getting the fabric to shir as in the instructions. I have experimented with different stitch lengths, elastic zig-zag stitch and other stitches, but I am not getting the same results as in the example. If I pull the elastic as you do a gathering thread it works great. Any suggestions?